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Demonstration Exercises

General Topics
  1. Reading Comprehension (advanced language exercises, UCL)
  2. Mental Arithmetic (numeracy practice - randomised exercises - demo and constructive fun)
  3. Common Word Confusions in English (T/F)
  4. Cognitive Skills (an example problem-solving exercise in 'Application of Numbers')
University Level Exercises
  1. General Mathematics (practice math skills with immediate feedback & explanation: algebra , proportions, volumes, etc.)
  2. Biological Chemistry (exercise with explanations, under test)
  3. Membrane Potentials and Action Potentials (basics: A level or Foundation)
  4. Mathematics for Physics (sample diagnostic test for entering students)
  5. Chemistry  for Biologists  
  6. Physics (classical mechanics) new exercise with explanations, based on 1st year problem class material
  7. Statistics (basic)
  8. Latin (advanced language exercises, UCL)
  9. Russian 1 (advanced language exercises, UCL)

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