LAPT uses "Confidence-Based" or "Certainty-Based" Marking (CBM)

Why use CBM? conf

How does it work?

marks at each C level

When should I use the different certainty levels?

conf graph

Why the name change (12/05), from "Confidence-Based" to "Certainty-Based Marking"?
The word "certainty" seems to carry much less baggage then "confidence". The term "Confidence-based marking" has sometimes suggested to people that confident personalities are being rewarded. This is not so. Those who are rewarded are those who can distinguish between reliable and unreliable answers. In the context of "How certain are you that this is right?" or "How confident are you that this is right?", they are equivalent. But "Certainty-Based Marking" is perhaps less open to misinterpretation.

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