How to Run your own Material on US-CBA
You need to prepare a text file with an exercise according to the principles set out in the authoring manual.  For this you may be assisted by use of the  authoring tool, though it doesn't yet handle the complete range of functions in the manual. [If you already have exercises in WebCT quiz format, there is an adaptation tool available.]

Now you need to name your file as a .js file (for example, myfile.js ) and place it:

Place any image or .htm files referred to in myfile.js in the same directory (or in any relative path specified in the file), and make sure that all your files have universal read permission set.  Now you should be able to run your file with the following URL commands, consisting of followed by the full path above :

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Some browsers may treat the first form here (using a web site to access information from your local drive) as a security breach. Internet Explorer seems OK at present. If this stops this instruction working, you may need  to place your material on a web site and use the second form - hopefully with your system still set up so that you can edit it easily. If anyone knows how to stop this local access being treated as illegal, do please tell me  - (

If there are errors in your file, this may prevent it running. There will usually be indicative error messages shown.  In Netscape you can see details of errors by typing   javascript:   in the address box of your browser.

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