The Education Summit - Education-2007
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Conference & Seminars
October 9-10, 2007

The Grand Hyatt Denver
1750 Welton Street
Denver, Colorado

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Our Speakers

Governor Richard D. Lamm
Center for Public Policy and Contemporary Issues.
University of Denver

Culture Makes A Difference

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Governor Jim Geringer
Wyoming Governor 1995-2003
Director of Policy and Public Sector Strategies
Environmental Systems Research Institute - ESRI
University of Denver

Innovation: Real or Ideal? - Panel Host

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Dr. Reid Cornwell

Conference Director and Host
Founder/Director - Focus On Education Foundation
Director/ Chief Scientist - The Center For Internet Research

CAT/L: Computer Aided Teaching and Learning - A Framework of Observation, Research and Development to Guide the Re-form of Education
A Case For Trandisciplinary Research

Peter Watkins

CEO Webroot Software

Safety Before Curriculum

Dr. Phil Farley

IBM Academic Initiative

Innovation: Real or Ideal? - Panel Host

Dr. Terrence (Terry) Boult

Professor and Chair
University of Colorado at colorado Springs

Innovation: Real or Ideal? - Panelist

Dr. Jeremy Haefner

Associate Vice Chancelor for Research and Innovation
Dean, College of Engineering
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Innovation: Real or Ideal? - Panelist

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Karen Bruett
Dell Computers
Director of K-12 Initiative
Former President of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills

21st Century Learning

Dr. Randy Guthrie
Academic Developer Evangelist
Microsoft Corporation

Levels of Collaboration

Dr. Joseph Kerski
Joseph J. Kerski, Ph.D
Education Industry Curriculum Development Manager
Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. ESRI

"Isn't That Spatial? How Spatial Learning and Geotechnologies Can Foster Educational Reform"

Srini Ramaswamy PH.D.

Professor and Chair
Department of Computer Science
University of Arkansas
Little Rock, AR

Constructive Collaboration: Gateway to a Knowledge Economy

Dr. Tony Gardner-Medwin
Tony Gardner-Medwin Tony Gardner-Medwin
Emeritus Professor
University College London
Tel.: (44) 207 679 7135

Enhancing Learning and Assessment Through Certainty-Based Marking

Stacey Fox
Technical Director
Department of Theatre and Film
University of Kansas, Lawrence K.S.

Synthetic Worlds: Second Life In the Classroom

Dr. Xiangen Hu
Professor of Computational Psychology
University of Memphis
Director of Advance learning Techology Lab
CO-Director ADL Workforce Lab

Intelligent Tutoring Systems in K-12 and Higher Education: A Possible Technological Solution to Elimination Achievement Gaps

Dr. Barbara Mccombs
Director - The Center for Human Motivation, Learning, and Development
Denver Research Institute
University of Denver

What Is Our Global Agenda? A Look at Learner-Centered Teaching and Learning

Dr. Michael Klymkowsky
Professor, MCD Biology
University of Colorado at Boulder
Founding Partner of Virtuallaboratory

Building a Scientific World View, Virtually

Dr. Tom Lundy
Founding Partner Virtuallaboratory & President "cuttlefish arts"
Former Instructor of Mathematics
William and Mary University

Building a Scientific World View, Virtually

Randy Gaschler
Randy Gashler President
Innovative Education Management

Family Centered Education

David Wirth
Dave Wirth Assistant Director, Academic
University of Wisconsin
Department of Defense
Advanced Distance Learning in P-20

William DuBay
Impact Information

Is Plain Language The Answer?

Beth Ritter-Guth
Beth Ritter-Guth Instructor
Literature and Womens Studies
Lehigh Carbon Community College

Teaching Literature With Second Life

Dr. Matt Gianneschi
  Senior Education Policy Advisor/Analyst
Policy and Initiatives
Office of Governor Bill Ritter Jr.

Opening Remarks:
  • Overview of Governor Ritter's Agenda
  • The Need for the P-20 council
  • Progress Update
  • Expected Outcomes, Short and Long Term
  • Wishes of Encouragement From the Governor
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The Education Summit - Education-2007

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