"The ignorance of how to use new knowledge stockpiles exponentially" - Marshall McLuhan - 1911-1980

Directors and Advisors



W. Reid Cornwell

  • Chairman and Principal Scientist
  • Founder TCFIR
  • Focus On Education Foundation
  • Former President Intratech
  • Reid's Brief Bio

Jeffrey Ryan JD

  • TCFIR Legal Counsel
  • TCFIR Legal Counsel
  • Attorney
  • Former District Judge

Advisory Board

Renate Caine Ph.D.

  • Director of Research and Professional Development
  • The Natural Learning Research Institute

Geoffrey Caine

  • Executive Director
  • The Natural Learning Research Institute

Dr. Dan Johnson

  • Superintendant (retired)
  • Thompson Valley School District

William (Bill) Spady Ph.D.

  • Author/ Lecturer
  • Former Professor of Education, Harvard University

Philip Farley Ph.D.

  • IBM Academic Iniatiative (retired)
  • Professor if Mathematics - Regis University

Thomas Lundy Ph.D.

  • President
  • Cuttlefish Arts
  • Attorney

Andrew Hyder

  • President / CEO
  • Subjex Corp.

Jeffrey Rutenbeck Ph.D.

  • Dean and Chair - Digital Media Studies Program
  • Champlain College

Peter Suber Ph.D., J.D.

  • Director of the Harvard Office for Scholarly Communication
  • Research Professor of Philosophy
  • Earlham College
  • Director - Open Access Project
  • Director - Public Knowledge
  • Senior Researcher - SPARC

Barbara McCombes Ph.D.

  • Center for Human Motivation, Learning, and Development -Denver Research Institute
  • Director and Psychologist / Senior Research Professor

Jonathan Ormes Ph.D

  • Director, Denver Research Institute of the University of Denver (Emeritus)
  • Director Goddard Space Flight Laboratory / Nasa (Emeritus)